A Daring Women Community DARE is an open-minded Women Community, where it's all about fun, flair […]
On Saturday October 26, Kringen Haaglanden will give a lecture and a film in Basta. Lecture To […]
DARE is an open-minded Women Community. That's all about fun, flair and dare! A place […]
Roze Blok Delft is one of the oldest gay sports associations in the Netherlands and will be celebrating the […]
Bisexuals are people who are sexually attracted to both men and women. There are bisexuals […]
COC Haaglanden supports the new WATH gay festival on November 2 in The Hague. The WATH Festival […]
The call from COC Haaglanden to move the gay monument at Madurodam is rejected by the VVD […]
Saturday November 2, The Hague will have a new festival to promote gay emancipation, with the […]
Mil Colores organizes its 13th unique multicultural women's party Swinging, good food, talking and laughing with famous […]
On Friday September 27th, another intercultural evening will be held in Danscafé 't Syndicaat. It […]

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