Thanks to the efforts of one of our volunteers, Jurgen Schouten, there is now a page […]
First let me introduce myself: My name is Alfred van Mill – Didden and my passion is trains. […]
Margreet Dolman and co-host Mike Starink will present the National COC Song Contest […]
Presentation 'Stormisch Stil, life stories of pink elderly' On Sunday afternoon, November 10, the book 'Stormacht […]
On Saturday November 2, two women in love say yes to each other during the WATH – We […]
Coca-Cola bosses are deciding if they should speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws. As a major […]
The national De Kringen celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and that will be celebrated on November 16 […]
140 years of Hindustani immigration and tolerance…? 140 years ago from India/Pakistan, the immigration of workers […]
The opening of DARE. Our open-minded women community with Fun, Flair and DARE had a […]
New COC Haaglanden Monthly Event for Ladies! Every Friday night at the COC Haaglanden Café, our […]

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