The annual Spring Festival of the LNBi is just around the corner. The Lollipop Party can go wild. […]
Once a month on Monday evening at 19:30, the theme is Gay Film Night. […]
De Roze Loper, the Dutch certificate for residential care and home care institutions that pay attention to sexual diversity […]
Rainbow The Hague Foundation organizes in collaboration with the Hindu-stani Foundation to make […]
The Politics & Abroad working group of COC Haaglanden has reviewed the election programs of the nine municipalities in […]
Dear members, The board of COC Haaglanden invites you to the: General Members' Meeting COC Haaglanden […]
The municipal elections of 19 March 2014 are important for all residents of the municipality. Young and […]
The Municipality of Delft must enter into and/or continue to discuss with civil society organizations about reducing […]
Dear interested parties of the Zilveruitjes, A man who has visited elderly men in a nursing home has […]

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