The Hague gay men's choirs Men's fever and Vox Rosa and the Hague's women's choir De Heksenketel suits on the occasion of various anniversaries […]
During the month of vitality, various workshops are provided in COC Haaglanden by experiential experts […]
This weekend the International Coming Out Day will take place and that is for Luuk Wessels (organizer […]
We would like to invite you to attend the raising of the rainbow flag on the […]
The Month of Vitality, Seniors in Motion started on Friday 2 October. The […]
Be yourself completely in The Hague for young people with LGBT feelings and a multi-cultural background. Also young people […]
THE HAGUE – Political parties D66, VDD and Groep de Mos want The Hague to have a […]
On the occasion of Coming Out Day on 11 October, various activities will focus on […]
In honor of Coming Out Day on October 11, Alderman Karsten Klein and COC Haaglanden chairman […]
October 11 is the annual coming-out day. During this day, attention is paid to the […]

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