COC Haaglanden will open its doors for a […]
I hereby invite you to the theme meeting 'Kleurrijk Anders Escamp' on 23 November next […]
You have LGBTI+ feelings, but are still in a hetero relationship, then it is not so easy […]
Regional GSA day in The Hague Are you a student or teacher at a school in The Hague […]
Wouter Meurs passed away on 2 October in his hometown of Voorburg. From 1988 to 1993 […]
October 11, 2016 Text Arnout JO van Kooij / Chairman of the board COC Haaglanden. Dear attendees ”A day […]
15.00:2017 pm Joint KICKOFF program of Coming Out Day XNUMX of the Rainbow Municipalities in the Haaglanden region. Take […]
October 11 – Joint Kickoff Coming Out Day of the five Rainbow municipalities in the Haaglanden region […]
Are you gay, lesbian, bi or single? Do you want children? Are you looking for […]
Shortly after the summer recess, the Hague City Party submitted written questions to the city council to […]

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