On Friday 11 October it's Coming-Out Day! Then the whole of the Netherlands celebrates that it doesn't matter who or […]
On September 20, the Global Climate Strike – a week of unprecedented global mobilization for […]
De Mix World Music Theater conducted by director Freya Ligtenberg plays 'Vk, Ik Kies Zelf!' (11+) with the theme […]
Drag Queen Photo Exhibition The world is a stage, and while some are content to be on […]
Together with the International Social Club we will be hosting a pub crawl around The Hague. […]
Saturday 19 October 2019 from 20:30 – 04:00: big party at the COC! Popular = 5 […]
The Education Inspectorate must act against the LGBTI-hostile teaching method 'Help! I'm coming of age' from the Islamic School Boards […]
On Saturday September 28, Rainbow Den Haag/LGBT Refugees organize Rainbow Den Haag, The Hang-Out 070 […]
You can enjoy beautiful films on LGBTI themes in Theater Ludens in Voorburg for four evenings. Every […]

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