On November 20, the world will commemorate the transgender and gender-diverse people who have […]
Queer (LHBTQI+) young people face additional challenges; negative reactions, exclusion, bullying, hatred and violence unfortunately come […]
****(English version below !!!)**** Come and visit us on Saturday 4 December from 15:00 for an afternoon […]
The Mosaic The Hague Foundation is organizing the celebration of sexual diversity in […]
In the past month, the Working Group Information of COC Haaglanden has again provided plenty of information. On quiet […]
Hurled words. Throwing objects. Dodged Burgers. After someone threw a hamburger at them and a […]
On Sunday 14 November from 16:00 PM to 20:00 PM, the Copernicus Services Center is organizing […]
In the week of Respect, from 8 to 14 November, various organizations in Leidschendam/Voorburg are organizing a […]

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