Due to personal circumstances, Timone has to resign from her duties as general board member with immediate effect. Timone will stay on […]
SUMMARY Do you like to give people a pleasant evening? Do you enjoy interacting with diverse people? Become […]
When I was asked last fall to serve on the selection committee for a new board, […]
The board of COC Haaglanden now consists of only six people. Unfortunately, Dabi Ahmed has […]
As a board, we are always looking for ways to connect even better with […]
Eveline van de Putte has been nominated for the John Blankenstein Prize for her work for pink elderly […]
A message from our friends at Team Roze Soos Samen! Sunday 12 June we will make it […]
The next Zilveruitjes meeting is on Sunday 5 June 2022 . From 15.00 p.m. you are […]

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