On January 29, 1969, the first gay protest in the Netherlands took place. This was a protest against the so-called 'article 248bis' that lasted between 1911 and 1971, which, as part of the Morality Act, prohibited sexual contact with people of the same sex under the age of 21. This article was discriminatory, since sexual contact between heterosexual persons was already allowed if the younger of the two was over 16. 
Keti Koti means 'Shackles Broken'. This is the name of the day on which slavery is commemorated and freedom is celebrated every year on July 1 in the Netherlands.
In honor of Pride month, we would like to give the spotlight to one or a few of our volunteers. Our enthusiastic information officer Marnix, who is now also helping to set up a Pride in The Hague, talks passionately about his experiences at schools.
June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Riots broke out, since then the month of June is known as pride month.
As part of Pride Month, Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten has […]

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