Saturday evening October 31, 19:15. The road to the Theater Aan Het Spui is festive. Lovely autumn evening with a last breath of summer, twinkling lights, trams and buses that softly glide past….. More lights, now on the floor as a twinkling entrance to the theatre. There: the buzz of the pre theater crowd. Everyone is happy, everyone is full of expectation, everyone is pleased when they meet acquaintances. Then: Bram Meijer announcing that the room is opening.

Once inside, the light goes out quickly and there they are: the Heksenketel, Men's fever and Vox Rosa, the three pink choirs in our region. They present 'Gek Van Jou', a musical spectacle of best friends and best friends. 28 songs are reviewed, each with an appropriate video still projected on a big screen behind the performing singers. Highlights for me were 'Jealousy' and 'Rise Like A Phoenix'. In the last issue, Frank Boonmann in particular stole the show with his unparalleled interpretation of Conchita Wurst.

The whole program was a collage of better easy listening songs with the specific theme 'friendship' in the lyrics. Nice to put it together like that.

A part was sung a cappella and a part was – very subtly – accompanied by a combo of piano, percussion, cello and guitar. Wonderful: just like a good meal where the sauce only accentuates and does not overpower.

I would like to mention the enthusiasm with which the production was put on the shelves. This got the audience along and lifted the whole thing to an almost professional level.

Very satisfied, everyone went to the bar after the performance to exchange experiences about the event just enjoyed. No rushing to get coats, but sharing the feeling with each other that we had experienced something beautiful. So little by little one visitor after another left the theater, back into that lovely autumn night, on the way home or somewhere else, humming her or his favorite song of the night. October has never ended so beautifully for me.

Bart Didden.


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