Dear members and volunteers of COC Haaglanden and other interested parties.

Just before New Years, we sent the members a letter requesting a contribution so that we could do something extra in these Corona times.

So far we have reached the amount of more than 1700 Euros received, for which we are of course deeply grateful and moved.

We had already made plans ourselves for how to spend this money and we are thinking of:

  • Actively approach people who may be lonely or struggling with a problem
  • A (unfortunately virtual) (possibly light) meeting for a certain target group
  • A (call) buddy project within COC Haaglanden

In view of the great response, we wanted to ask the members and volunteers to think along with us about new ideas or about the form of the above first thoughts. After your reactions, we can then get to work on the elaboration.

Let us know; we really appreciate that and will try to work as much as possible in the spirit of your suggestions to put these donations to good use.

Thanks again for all the generous donations and for your thoughts on a useful spending.

Send your response, if possible before March 10, to:

Thank you!!

The board of COC Haaglanden

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