Op Coming Out Day, which takes place annually on October 11, focuses on the moment when a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) openly reveals his or her sexual orientation or gender identity: coming out or the coming out. Coming-Out Day first took place in 1988 in the United States and has been held in the Netherlands since 2009.

Unlike Gay Pride and Pink Saturday, Coming-Out Day does not have a major central celebration, but smaller activities are organized in several places by local gay and youth organizations. (source: Wikipedia)

Below the program around Coming-out day for the Westland:

DateTimeProgram partLocation
2-11 OctoberDuring opening hours  Photo exhibition LGBTI elderlyLibrary De Lier
6 October14.00 a.m. and 20.15 a.m.  Movie DeuxWestland Theater De Naald  https://www.westlandtheater.nl/programma/4737/TOPfilm_Deux/TOPfilm_Deux/
7 October20: 00-22: 00 hoursIn Conversation With: Ellie LustWateringen Library  https://www.bibliotheekwestland.nl/actueel/agenda/in-gesprek-met–ellie-lust.html

9 October21.15 HoursMovie PrideWestland Theater De Naald  https://www.westlandtheater.nl/programma/4739/Pride/Pride/
9 October Podcast Series From The CastTo listen via Spotify and iTunes
10 October21.15 HoursMovie PrideWestland Theater De Naald  https://www.westlandtheater.nl/programma/4739/Pride/Pride/
11 October16:00 – 19.00:XNUMXMusic bingo for young peopleDistrict center de Prinsenhof, Maasdijk
See appendix
27 October21.15 HoursMovie DeuxWestland Theater De Naald   https://www.westlandtheater.nl/programma/4737/TOPfilm_Deux/TOPfilm_Deux/
November 520: 00-22: 00 hoursIn Conversation With: Splinter Chabot  Library De Lierhttps://www.bibliotheekwestland.nl/actueel/agenda/in-gesprek-met—splinter-chabot.html

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