Celebrate the Coming Out Day

It's almost National Coming Out Day again! Coming Out Day, which takes place annually on October 11, focuses on the moment when an LGBTI person openly reveals his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. The Municipality of Zoetermeer and the library annually celebrate the Coming Out Day in an appealing way. This year it will be done by means of the play De Homonlogen.

The Homonologists shows that love is not as predictable as we would like. The piece bundles stories from all kinds of people: straight, lesbian, bi, gay, trans, tough, sweet, schoolchild, student, mentor, mother, brother, father, pastor. Six young players tell these stories about sexual diversity in the committee room of the City Hall Forum. They play the performance they would have liked to see themselves when they struggled as a young person with their sexual orientation or that of those around them.

The performance is accessible, funny and confrontational. The performance is on Sunday, October 11. Entry from 14.00 p.m. The performance will be played from 14.30pm to 15.30pm. The Library and Municipality ensure that all the rules of the RIVM are strictly observed. Don't miss this fun show! You can sign up for this free performance at the desk of the Zoetermeer library or via the website www.library-zoetermeer.nl of www.forumzoetermeer.nl.

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