D66 and VVD are happy that a new location has been found for the gay monument in The Hague. The monument will be given a prominent place at the Koekamp. D66 councilor Kim Waanders: “After a long search, a beautiful location for the gay monument has now been found in close consultation with COC-Haaglanden. At this location, the monument is easily accessible and well visible. This is a venerable place to lay a wreath at the May 4 commemorations, as opposed to the current location. Moreover, as an international City of Peace and Justice, The Hague has a pioneering role to play in the field of LGBT emancipation.”

Important message
The monument is still standing at the public toilets at the turning loop in front of Madurodam. The COC was therefore asked to give the monument a more respectful location. VVD councilor Arjen Lakerveld: “The current location does not do justice to the monument. We therefore fully supported COC in their request. The fact that the relocation is now actually happening is good news, and not just because it's a geographic improvement. The International Gay Monument represents an important message, namely that everyone should be able to be themselves in public. By making this monument more visible, the message automatically becomes that too.”

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