Sunday 28 February 15:30 – 17:00
Room 3, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20, The Hague
Price: € 10

An afternoon with teasers of no fewer than three performances by Daan Couzijn. Daan is a performance and installation artist who studies at the performance training of the Toneelacademie in Maastricht. He also makes electronic music under the name 'cousin'.
1. Gloryhole Confessions (Act 1: Prayers for Bobby)
The first part of a trilogy. A man on one side of the gloryhole preaches to young Bobby on the other side of the hole. A homoerotic performance with 3D animated visuals about expectations and the inevitable disappointments that come with it.
X: 'The world doesn't owe you a thing, Bobby. I want you to remember that.'
2. 5195 (video installation)
Inspired by the melancholy and self-centered nature of the millennial generation. The ultimate innocence portrayed before an inevitable, painful realization: we are just like everyone else, irrelevant and will die and be forgotten.
'Remember me but oh forget my fate' – Purcell
3. Crying in the disco
A performance about the end of a party. The music stops. The pill that works. The fluorescent tubes come on.
W: Dan…
D: Yes?
W: What are we going to get excited about in a moment?


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