Two films in one evening, as part of Coming Out Day. The films Silent Thirst and Died On Nothing. With a discussion with the makers Claire Zhou and Raymi Sambo.

To be seen on Monday October 15 in the cinema of Theater Dakota. 

20.00:XNUMX pm Silent Thirst
20.30 pm Died of Nothing
21.30 pm Discussion with the makers of both films, Claire Zhou and Raymi Sambo
Expected end: 22.00 p.m.

Price €8, Stork Pass €4. Order via 070 326 5509, or at the Dakota box office (Zuidlarenstraat 57)

Silent Thirst
Director Claire Zhou's graduation film tells the personal story of a bicultural gay man about fear, self-acceptance and liberation. 

Silent Thirst is a short film about Tarik, a 32-year-old Moroccan man, who ends up at a holiday home in the Veluwe alone to avoid the divorce with his wife. When the water supply of the house turns out not to work, Jonas, the landlord of the house, comes by to repair it. From that moment on, Tarik is confronted with feelings that he has suppressed all his life.

Claire Zhou (1996) is a talented, graduated director from the Utrecht School of the Arts. She's got the movie Silent Thirstcreated to tell a personal story of internalized fear, self-acceptance and liberation. She herself is LGBT and of bicultural descent and wanted to make this film to promote the visibility of people who are LGBT and of bicultural descent. 

The lead roles in Silent Thirst are played by Mouad Ben Chaib (Tarik) and Joshua Albano (Jonas). 

Died of Nothing
'On Nothing Death' is the feature film debut of director and actor Raymi Sambo.

This first feature film by Raymi Sambo, after a number of prize-winning short films, is the film adaptation of his successful theater performance 'Aan Niets Overleden'. The script is written by Esther Duysker ('The Blackout of '77' by Orkater, 'A Raisin in the Sun' and 'Beneatha's Place' by Well Made Productions).

'Aan Niets Overleden' is an artistic film, which is largely set in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. The lead roles are played by Perla Thissen, Jaike Belfor, Erwin Boschmans and Jonata Taal. The story focuses on the shame culture surrounding homosexuality in the Surinamese/Antillean community.

What if you are seriously ill, but the cause of the disease and the disease itself are beyond your own mother's control?
What if you love your son terribly, but the shame of his illness is so great that you, his own mother, would rather declare him dead?

The Caribbean Thilda Purperhart lives with her daughter Joyce in a noisy flat in the Bijlmer. Thilda also has a son, Kelvin, who is ill. He has AIDS. She jealously keeps him hidden in the house so that his illness cannot bring any shame to the family. As a result, the boy does not receive any medication, and his situation worsens. Their secret seems safe until one day the doorbell rings and Julius, a Dutch-Caribbean man, comes to the door and says he is looking for his old school friend Kelvin.

Aan Niets Overleden is a co-production of the Raymi Sambo Foundation and WonderPix BV and is produced by Dave Damon and Barend van Balen. 

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