THE HAGUE - Political parties D66, VDD and Groep de Mos want The Hague to have a rainbow zebra crossing. This multicolored crosswalk is a sign of tolerance and indicates that the city stands for diversity and acceptance of sexual minorities.

Councilors Kim Waanders (D66), Arjen Lakerveld (VVD) and Arjen Dubbelaar (Group de Mos) have asked the council to build a rainbow zebra crossing in The Hague. 'In our city, everyone should be able to be themselves visibly', says Kim Waanders.

A rainbow zebra crossing is a place where you literally reflect on the social acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. 'We want to pay attention to this on Coming Out Day on October 12,' says Waanders.

Also rainbow zebra crossings in other cities
The Hague is not the first city where a rainbow zebra crossing will appear. Other cities such as Leiden, Maastricht, Utrecht and Tilburg now have a rainbow zebra crossing. Lakerveld: 'The acceptance of LGBT people is by no means self-evident and requires permanent attention. That is why it is good that we as the City of Peace and Justice are taking on a pioneering role.'

Be yourself
Group de Mos councilor Dubbelaar emphasizes the message that the zebra crossing radiates: 'I have young children myself. I want to tell them that you can be whoever you want in The Hague. Gay, straight or bisexual, we don't care. We promote that with a rainbow zebra crossing.'

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