Association documents


For questions you can contact the administration or the secretary of the board.

Do you want to influence the board of the association? As a member you are invited to the General Members' Meeting and you have the right to vote. In this way we determine together what is important to us. Interested?
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Urgent question? You can reach us on our phone number


For members

This contains the most important information for the board of the association and the rights and obligations as a member.

The audit committee checks whether the board and the bookkeeper want to spend the money lawfully and have it properly accounted for.

For visitors

Safety is important, both physically and socially we want to be a nice place to stay. That is why we ask our visitors to adhere to our Code of Good Conduct.

For practical matters we have our internal regulations. This explains how the association works and what rights and obligations you have.

Annual reports

2022 annual report

2021 annual report

2020 financial statements

2019 annual report

2019 financial statements

2018 financial statements

2017 financial statements

2016 annual report

2016 financial statements

2015 annual report

2015 financial statements

GDPR and Privacy

Privacy statement COC Haaglanden
All our processing, camera policies and data storage

Processing Agreement Membership Administration Salesforce
For member and volunteer administration in Salesforce

Processing Agreement CNE
For membership cards and printed matter

Data Processing Agreement NHMB Software – Odoo
For data Social Work and Financial Administration

Data processing agreement Google Workspace and Google Cloud
For emails, documents and appointments shared with or stored by users of a @cochaaglanden email address and account.

Processing Agreement Strato
For data sent and processed on this website and the forms on it

Processor Agreement Mailchimp
For members and volunteers who receive newsletters

Registration and ANBI status

COC Haaglanden is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27184795 and with the tax authorities under VAT number. NL808859870B01. COC Haaglanden is a recognized ANBI (public benefit institution). 

Donors of an ANBI may deduct their donations from income or corporation tax. To be eligible for the deduction of periodic gifts, the donor and the ANBI must draft an agreement. This agreement can be sent to

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