Report by Paula Corzilius

August 16th it was finally time: the DWH-COC Haaglanden queer youth camp! After months of preparation, we were able to welcome the young people to the camp site at the end of the afternoon. The communal area was full of queer flags and balloons with the theme OUTheid. After dinner and chores, the teams started decorating their team flags, after which the first game of the camp was played: live cluedo. With the supervisors as suspects scattered around the site, the groups went in search of the perpetrator. Meanwhile, the campfire was lit and the marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies set out. At the campfire, the winning team tells how they found out who killed the Baroness, with what and why. S'mores are made, marshmallows are roasted and socializing is done until everyone returns to their cottages to sleep (or not (; ).

The gates that give access to the Outheid!

The next day begins with the game of Spectrum, after which everyone can continue to explore the terrain, looking for a cat to take a picture with for the Crazy 44 who is played throughout the camp. Unfortunately: no cat in sight, but a large petting zoo and a maze (with dragon!) are just around the corner. In the afternoon they make their own boba, play games and experiment with make up. The latter was put to good use, because the colorful evening starts soon. After dinner everyone reunites, many in OUTheid costumes. Everything will pass: Greek gods with rainbow sashes, satyrs with real hooves (!) and heroes with swords.
The performances are also varied: lip sync battles, solos with guitar, stand up comedy with gay facts about antiquity and, not to forget, the pineapple song! The latter will certainly remain in everyone's head for a long time after this camp. Also this evening the campfire will be lit again and questions can be asked (anonymously) to the supervisors.

Confidence is beautiful!

Fortunately, the next day starts with a lot more sun and a lot less rain and the smuggling game is played fanatically. Because the weather is so nice we can swim in the nearby lake. Finally, it is finally time for group photos, the scoring and prize giving. After taking a lot of photos, the winning team gets totebags with all kinds of nice things. Slowly, the last things are being packed and goodbyes are said to each other, after which the cars full of young people drive back home one by one.

No camp is complete without a group photo!

Plus point of the location: after we asked if we could tape the man/woman signs at the toilet block, they were completely unscrewed before our stay. Super nice!

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