Once a month on Monday evening at 19:30, the theme is Gay Film Night. Distributor Cinemien sends Gay & Lesbian top films to twelve cities. Filmhuis Den Haag is one of these twelve.

Floating skyscrapers
Monday 31 March 2014
Kuba, in his twenties, is a swimming champion and lives with his mother and girlfriend Sylvia and is only busy training for the upcoming championships. But in the bathroom cubicles of the pool, he secretly has sex with other men. While visiting a gallery opening with Sylvia one evening, he meets Michael, a handsome boy of the same age. Their connection is obvious and overwhelming. Kuba begins to struggle with his conflicting feelings and after 15 years of hard training, his motivation to become a top athlete has completely disappeared…

In Bloom
Monday April 28 2014
Kurt and Paul have been dating for a few years now. It is their first serious relationship for both and they seem like the perfect couple. Lately, though, things have gotten a bit rough. Kurt deals in joint dealing and lives by the day. Paul is more serious and tired of his job at the local supermarket. In fact, he wants to get out of Chicago and to Paris to get more out of life. Then at a party, Kurt meets pushy Kevin, who is clearly interested in him…

Monday May 26 2014
Sieger trains with his best friend Stef in a new athletics team for the Dutch National Relay Championship. During those training sessions, Sieger meets the intriguing, unpredictable Marc. The friendship that develops between them seems normal, but Sieger secretly feels more for Marc and he finds himself in a lonely battle with himself when it turns out that Marc is in love with him too. As much as Sieger wants to be normal, he can't deny his feelings for Marc.


Monday 23 June 2014
When a group of friends gather in Tel Aviv to watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, they are shocked by the Israeli entry. To cheer up Anat, who has just been abandoned by her husband, the group of friends spontaneously makes a song and records it on their phone. Completely against their intention, their recording is seen by the organizers of the Song Contest. And suddenly they are Israel's official entry. After initial reservations about their new stardom, they are suddenly head to head with the Russian entry in the Eurovision final…

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