The Hague gay men's choirs Men's fever and Vox Rosa and the Hague's women's choir De Heksenketel On the occasion of various anniversaries, they are going all out with two performances in the Theater aan het Spui on October 31 and November 1.

The women of Women's Choir de Heksenketel are celebrating their third lustrum, the men of Vox Rosa are now at 30 years the longest existing gay men's choir in the Netherlands and Men Fever is finally coming of age at 21 years.

How will this turn out, this unusual combination of choirs? Every new friendship or love affair is of course fun and exciting in the beginning, but what if you get to know each other better and the high expectations are not met? In a varied musical spectacle, these three choirs go in search of the secret of good relationships in their own way.

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A topical theme in this time of individualization: more people are single, or find it difficult to maintain long-term relationships. In the world of choirs and associations, too, people are no longer interested in the regular rehearsal evening and prefer to hop from project to project. In addition, we find it difficult to accept people of other cultures, religions or sexual orientation: how do you behave towards people who think, feel and are different? These themes are reflected in our anniversary performance, in other words, do the completely different singers of these three colorful choirs eventually become bosom friends and best friends?

Ticket sales have started

As of today you can buy tickets for the performances of “Gek van jou” on October 31 or November 1 in Theater aan het Spui. You can pick up tickets at the box office, or order via the e-ticket service. We like it best if you pick them up!

For those who come with a group and bring people with a disability, you will receive a separate email if places have been reserved for you.

We are very excited about it!! See you in the fall!

Men's choir Men's fever
Women's choir de Heksenketel
Gay Men's Choir Vox Rosa

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