2018 Gouda celebrates the Pink Year, with of course the national Pink Saturday on June 23 as the highlight. To get in the mood, the Gouda interest group Gouda Roze is organizing the very first Pride-Roll in the Netherlands! A pride walk in a rolling jacket. After having organized a Rainbow Night Skate on the Goudse IJsbaan twice before, a summer edition will follow for the first time this year. This time not on the skate, but on the skate.

On Thursday 21 June, a skate tour will provide a colorful procession through the city. The start is at 19.30 pm at So What!, where the procession returns at approximately 22.00 pm. A music car provides musical accompaniment and a healthy impulse is provided during a short stop. After the skate tour there is an after-party on the grounds of So What!

Participation in the skate tour is free with financial support from GoudApot and the COC Bob Angelo Fund! However, there is limited space for participants and participation is only possible after registration. Free participation tickets are available via the website of Gouda Roze, www.goudaroze.nl, where the rule is, gone = gone. The dress code is: cheerful colours, bright colours, all the colors of the rainbow.

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