The GSA is a group of students who believe that everyone at school has the freedom to be who they are, without having to be ashamed or accountable for it. Together with teacher(s), the students organize meetings and actions for LGBTI+ students at school. The letters GSA stand for Gender and Sexuality Alliance: an alliance between all kinds of sexual orientations, sexes, gender identities and gender expressions.

The GSA is for everyone!

What is male or female is up to you, whether you are a cisgender, transgender, non-binary or intersex person. Just like you know who or what you like, whether you are straight, gay, bi, pan, asexual or in doubt.

Not everyone feels at home in the 'man' or 'woman' box. That is not necessary. You decide what is male or female! Not everyone feels at home in the box 'gay' or 'hetero'. That is not necessary. Some people especially or only like women, others mainly or only like men. Still others don't care what or who you are: as long as there's a click. Some people don't like anyone and others fall in love with several people at the same time. Does it matter? Of course not! Everyone should be able to be who they are.

Are you participating?

Start a GSA so everyone at your school can feel safe!

Where do you start?

Establishing a GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) is exciting, but certainly not difficult. You decide what your GSA will look like. Every school is different, and so is every GSA. We are here to help you on your way!

1. Get to know us

Jodie works with us as a GSA coordinator. She is happy to help you with all your questions about GSAs and has a lot of knowledge and experience in helping GSAs at schools!

2. Launch your GSA

A whole step-by-step plan has been devised to start your GSA that you can start with. That is quite exciting, of course we are happy to help you with that 🙂

3. Connect with other GSAs

Once in a while we organize activities for GSAs to get to know each other. Then we organize workshops and fun activities to gain inspiration for your school and to get to know new people!

For teachers

Whatever the GSA at your school looks like, a supportive teacher is important. For the continuity of the GSA and for communication between the GSA, colleagues, the school management and possibly the parents.

As a teacher you can also contact us for advice, a conversation, and for tips on setting up and supporting a GSA and LGBT+ students in general. This way we can help you personally, but also put you in touch with other GSA supporting teachers and groups!


“I have a group around me that understands me so that I can tell my story when I am having a hard time. We are very close as a group and are always there for each other.”

“I met a lot of nice new people and I started to feel a lot more confident.”

“People who are not so concerned with sexual and gender diversity have also joined the GSA!”

“Through the purple bracelets, I found out how many people are accepting. Much more than I thought.”