During our concert “Thank you Dear Mother” we met Ken. Curious how Ken is doing now? Then come to our concert “His Mother's Voice”! Besides the performance at Various Voices in Dublin, we will give two try out concerts in The Hague. These try outs are free, but only a limited number of seats are available. That is why the try outs can only be seen by booking in advance.

Saturday 24 in May
A duo concert with Men's fever.
– entrance from 14:00 o'clock
– start at 14:30 o'clock
- in the blueberry chapelBosbesstraat 5, 2564 PA The Hague

Monday 2 June
Television recordings are made for this concert.
– entrance from 20:30 o'clock
– start at 21:00 o'clock
- In Dalton The Hague, Aronkelkweg 1, 2555 GA The Hague
Due to the recordings, the hall will remain closed after the start.

To attend one of these try outs:
- send an email to concert@voxrosa.nl
– indicate which try out you want to attend
– indicate how many seats you want to reserve
After receipt of the confirmation email, the reservation is final.


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