Social Work

Specialized Social Work at COC Haaglanden will help you through it.

Do you need help? Do you want advice? Do you experience dilemmas about your sexual preference or gender identity? Uncertainty, secrecy, acceptance problems, negative reactions, fear of exclusion or violence can have a huge impact on daily life and functioning.

Or is a loved one, for example your child or parent, experiencing serious struggles? Or do you want to consult from your role as a professional regarding LGBTQI+ questions?


Our help is free.


We do not have a waiting list.


You can contact us anonymously on request.

Questions and advice

For questions or advice, please contact Your email will be treated confidentially and answered as soon as possible.

You can register directly via our digital registration form. You will then receive an intake form from us on which you can already describe your story and request for help, if you like (not mandatory).

Urgent question? Tika ( is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and variable.

Who is assistance for?

We offer assistance for anyone who has questions or encounters problems regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. Questions can, for example, be about acceptance problems, coming out, coming in, culture and religion, discrimination, (fear of) exclusion or violence, wanting to have children, relationship, LGBTQI+ feelings within a heterosexual relationship, etcetera. Family members, such as partners, parents or children, are also welcome for a meeting.

What kind of help is there?

  • Individual talks

We have all the attention for you and discuss the topics that are important to you.

  • Rainbow Support Group

If you just want to talk about queer topics with other LGBT+ people. 
Here you will find recognition, support, contact and respect. It is an open group, every Tuesday from 13:30 to 16:00.

There is also a group every third Thursday of the month from 16:00 PM to 18:00 PM.

Are you coming over?  let us knowThen we will prepare the coffee or tea.

  • Relationship Counseling

Do you need help or have questions about your LGBT+ relationship? You can also come to us together or with your polycule. 

  • Group conversations

We also offer group sessions for larger groups. Please contact us first to see what best suits your situation. A small financial contribution can be requested for groups.

  • Information for professionals 

We also provide information for professionals in various fields, such as education or (mental) health care, about LGBTI+ related issues and topics. We also offer training courses, workshops and guest lectures. 

  • Anonymous

You can also anonymously contact us by email or phone. If you do not want to provide personal data, you can report this to the social worker. Our organization is bound by rules and legislation regarding privacy and confidentiality and has a duty of confidentiality.

  • In English or another language

Looking for help in another language? Help can be provided in the English . If necessary, an interpreter can also be spoken to. These places are limited due to the related costs.

What do we not offer?

We offer no material and financial assistance. For this you can contact the General Social Work in your neighbourhood.

If there is an acute mental health crisis, we work with the crisis relief center within the Haaglanden region. 

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