On Thursday, February 16, Kees van Beek passed away. Kees was a volunteer at COC Haaglanden for many years and later a visitor. 

Kees joined COC Haaglanden in 1992, sat on various boards and found his niche in the café, where he ran the café for years.

When the work became too much for him, he stayed as a visitor. He was a beacon on Wednesday evenings for many.

We remember Kees as a pleasantly striking man with a strong opinion, while respecting others.

We consider ourselves lucky to have received Kees in our COC building every week. Kees, you will remain in our memories. 

On behalf of all of us, rest in peace.

Bart Didden.

The farewell celebration will take place in the small auditorium of the Ockenburgh crematorium, Ockenburghstraat 21, The Hague on Thursday 23 February at 15:30.

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