The International Transgender Day of Remembrance will be commemorated at the
International Gay Monument The Hague. This day commemorates 327 transgender and gender diverse
people killed worldwide this year. These figures were recently
published by the European organization Transgender Europe. (See:

The municipality of The Hague is hoisting it
day, including the blue-pink-white Transgender flag at municipal buildings and the Hofvijver.

The commemoration at the International Gay Monument is an initiative of The Hang-Out 070 and
Stichting Internationaal Homomonument Den Haag and has been made possible in part by the municipality
The Hague. SHOP46, the knowledge and expertise center in The Hague on sex work and human trafficking, is also available
involved in the commemoration. The commemoration will be streamed live via the Youtube channel of
International Gay Monument Foundation The Hague.
During the commemoration, the trans flag will be flown at half-mast at the monument. Attendees
are invited to bring and burn a candle or flowers at the monument
for the victims of transphobic violence.

Speakers during the commemoration are Maaite (SHOP46) and Bo (The Hang-out070). Ghosts become an artist
Kalib Batta closes the commemoration with a spoken word contribution. The commemoration will be opened by
Riyaz van Wegberg (Hang-Out 070) and Sander van der Eijk (International Foundation
Homomonument). Afterwards, the participants will walk past SHOP46 and meet in Hangout-
070. The working languages ​​are English and Dutch.

The International Transgender Day of Remembrance, aka Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), takes place
annually on November 20. On this day we remember the hundreds of people who are
killed as a result of transphobia. Attention is also drawn to the violence
against transgender and gender diverse people. In no less than 185 cities in more than 20 countries
this is considered.

The International Gay Monument The Hague is located on the Koekamp, ​​near The Hague Central
(Avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev). This monument commemorates all lesbian women, homosexual
men, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people, anywhere in the world, who
persecuted and oppressed because of their orientation or gender identity.

The commemoration will be streamed live via the YouTube channel International Homomonument The Hague (See: ) 

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