On May 4, Remembrance Day, we commemorate all LGBT men and women in the world who have been or are being persecuted and oppressed because of their sexuality.

Since the unveiling of the International Gay Monument on October 1, 1993, an annual ceremony on May 4 has been held at the monument on the occasion of National Remembrance Day in general and the fight for equal rights for and the emancipation of LGBT people worldwide in particular.

This year's ceremony focuses on the LGBT refugee problem. Ofran Badakhshani is a guest speaker on behalf of Refugee Organizations Netherlands. In addition, the Hague alderman for Emancipation Affairs, Karsten Klein, and the chairman of the COC Haaglanden, Arnout van Kooij.

The commemorative events are organized by the International Gay Monument Foundation The Hague in collaboration with, among others, COC Haaglanden. Wreaths are laid on behalf of the College of Mayor and Aldermen of The Hague and other local and regional organizations such as the Municipality of The Hague, COC Haaglanden, The Hague Police and Fire Brigade and Rainbow Foundation.

The International Gay Monument The Hague is situated on the green belt of the Koningskade, opposite the Royal Academy of Art. Everyone is invited to attend the ceremony, which begins at 19.30:19.20 PM. We ask you to be present by 7 at the latest. After the ceremony there is an opportunity to get together in the COC café at Scheveningseveer XNUMX.


  • 19:15 pm to 19:25 pm: Reception of guests.
  • 19:25 Departure of a delegation of uniformed police and fire brigade from the Royal Academy of Art to the monument.
  • 19.30 Welcome by Jurgen Schouten
  • Arnout van Kooij, chairman COC Haaglanden,
  • Vox Rose
  • Ofran Badakhshani on behalf of Refugee Organizations Netherlands
  • Men's fever
  • Karsten Klein, on behalf of the municipality of The Hague
  • Congregational singing by the choirs Manne Fever, Heksenketel and Vox Rosa.
  • 19:59 PM: Tattoo by brass
  • 20:00 p.m. to 20:02 p.m.: 2 minutes of Silence.
  • Lanterns light up and go out..
  • 20:02 PM: The Wilhelmus is sung by everyone.
  • 20:06 pm: The wreaths are laid.
  • Closing vocals by Vox Rosa, Men's fever and Heksenketel, the public gets the opportunity to lay flowers.
  • End of commemoration at 20:30 pm.

Invitation to get together with coffee and tea in the COC building, Scheveningseveer 7

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