Do you perhaps know a person or project that deserves the Jos Brink Prize 2021, the prize for LGBTI emancipation? At the end of May, our minister Ingrid van Engelshoven will award the Jos Brink Prize to a person or initiative that means a lot for social acceptance and safety of LGBTI people in our society. Candidates can still be nominated up to and including Tuesday 9 March 2021 and can easily be nominated via:

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Candidates for the Jos Brink Oeuvre Prize or the Jos Brink Innovation Prize 2021

To be eligible for the prize, someone must make or have made a fundamental contribution to promoting the social acceptance of LGBTI people in Dutch society and thus the LGBTI emancipation process. The contribution relates to a subject that is important in or for the LGBTI movement or that has meant a lot for the social acceptance of LGBTI's in the Netherlands or abroad. Persons can only be nominated while alive.

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