The national De Kringen celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and that will be celebrated on November 16 in the GayPalace.

For some, De Kringen still evokes associations of serious conversations about profound themes, such as faith, family, work…. And that may have been the case 40 and 50 years ago, but with the emancipation of gays and lesbians in the Netherlands, De Kringen itself has also undergone a transformation. Now it is much more an organization where people meet once a month for fun and fun activities and conversations. Of course there is still room to share personal troubles with others, just like you do with your friends, but above all it is a monthly fun evening.

We will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary on November 16 in Gay Palace; DJ Bo Monde will ensure that there is a lot of dancing, a number of exciting acts will cause the necessary commotion, including a spectacular performance by Blush. And to top it all off, Anita Meijer will provide a spectacular guest appearance. For those who want to keep it a little quieter, we have the lounge.

The party starts at 19.00pm and will transition into the regular GayPalace night from 23.00pm. Non-Kring members are cordially invited to join the party!

So: shine your dancing shoes, backcomb your hair, put on your lips and come to the Gay Palace on November 16 at 19.00.

Information and ticket sales: If you have any questions, please contact us at

See you on November 16!

Click on the photo below for the flyer (PDF):


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