The Municipality of The Hague is awarding the John Blankenstein Prize 2020 out. This is the annual LGBTI emancipation prize in The Hague. The John Blankenstein Prize is an instrument that shows appreciation to an organisation, person or group of people for their contribution to the objectives of the memorandum “Simply Different”. With the annual presentation, the Municipality of The Hague highlights the importance of making and keeping the LGBTI theme open for discussion and gives a platform to LGBTI initiatives. Everyone who contributes to this is eligible for the prize The organization of the prize is in the hands of COC Haaglanden

The Municipality of The Hague initiated the John Blankenstein Prize in 2009. This annual LGBTI emancipation prize was created to highlight and above all to stimulate initiatives that contribute to LGBTI emancipation. The award is named after the late referee John Blankenstein. The former referee openly admitted his homosexual orientation and has meant a lot to LGBTI people in the sports world and society.

For who?

Individuals but also companies, organisations, projects and initiatives can be nominated. Such as a company that consciously strives for a more LGBTI-friendly environment for its employees, a school that is committed to achieving a Gender and Sexuality Alliance; or a neighborhood that concludes a covenant with the theme “Violence against people with sexual diversity”.

It may be a recent activity, but something that has been going on for a while is also welcome. The condition is that it has to do with The Hague. The John Blankenstein Prize 2020 of the city of The Hague wants to inspire and encourage all residents of The Hague – man, woman, nonbinary, old, young and from all possible backgrounds – to be open to a safe and LGBTI-friendly environment.


Nominations can be sent to The closing date is December 1, 2020. Need information or help submitting a nomination? Consult  or contact COC Haaglanden via  Previous winners are also listed on the website.

Application form and regulations John Blankenstein Prize 2020 (Word document)

Application form and regulations John Blankenstein Prize 2020 (PDF)


The nominations are judged by a jury consisting of, among others, Karin Blankenstein (chairman of the John Blankenstein Foundation), Deborah Landman, Vijay Nitan (International Homomonument The Hague) and of course last year's winner They Hang Out 070


The jury will nominate three nominations from which the winner will be announced during the award ceremony on Thursday 17 December 2020. The prize is awarded by alderman Bert van Alphen and consists of a sum of € 2.500. In addition, the winner can count on the necessary publicity for a year as an 'ambassador' of the prize.

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