Urban kick-off 'Sexual Diversity in Bi-cultural Circles' in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague

Date: Thursday 3 December 2015, in Theater De Vaillant, 13.30-18.00
Information: Rohit Vyas, networker theme Sexual Diversity in Bicultural Circles (networker@cochaaglanden.nl / 06-24187848)

October 2015

Acceptance of sexual diversity within the migrant groups is a major focus in the four major cities (4 G). There is still a lot of taboo, ignorance and misunderstanding about this subject. More than half of the population of these cities consists of bi-cultural groups and this will increase with the influx of refugees. The minister Mrs. J. Bussemaker (OC&W) therefore considers this agenda topic to be of great importance and, since 2013, has commissioned broad attention to the theme of sexual diversity. In recent years, this has led to various activities in The Hague, such as information sessions, dialogues, expert meetings, a conference and training courses for, for example, professionals and confidential advisers.

The municipal Emancipation Action Program The Hague (2015-2018) also pays attention to LGBT people (homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender).

The Think Tank Sexual Diversity The Hague (DSDD) organizes, in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague, a kick-off meeting on 3 December next, with the aim of bringing more attention to bi-cultural LGBT people in the city districts of The Hague. The aim is to involve organizations and stakeholders, such as city districts and migrant organisations, in the development of the awareness-raising process. For that reason you are also specifically invited to participate in the meeting.


  • A first, city-wide meeting to draw attention to the theme of Sexual Diversity in Bicultural Circles in order to put this theme more on the map in urban and urban districts
  • Involving and connecting organizations and stakeholders on this theme
  • Inventory of state of affairs and promote substantive knowledge exchange on this theme: 'lessons learned and sharing' based on 'best practices'
  • Further acquaintance and networking opportunity for possible collaboration on this theme

Target group / participants
Bi-cultural organizations in The Hague, bi-cultural LGBT's, administrators or district directors and district policy officers, advocates, social workers, religious leaders, DSDD partners, The Hague Emancipation Network/Ambassadors, Visitation Committee Emancipation The Hague, etc.

Date/time/location kickoff
The meeting is scheduled for: Thursday 3 December 2015, Theater De Vaillant, 13.30 – 18.00.
Due to the limited number of places, we ask you to register as soon as possible (see below).

Program (provisional)

13.30 Walk in
14.00 Welcome and opening by mr. G. Hagenaars (director Care, Social Cooperative and Support, Municipality of The Hague)
Speaker from district
Theater performance 'No Face' by Theater aan Zet, including discussion with the audience
15.45 pause
16.15 Panel discussion with representatives from city districts, migrant organizations, bi-cultural LGBT people and interaction with the public
Closing with a commitment to put the topic of sexual diversity on the agenda in the city districts
17.15 Network drink

Involved organizations

COC Haaglanden in collaboration with DSDD partners, a number of bi-cultural organizations, the municipality of The Hague and all city districts.

We hope to welcome you on December 3, on behalf of the DSDD,

best regards,

Ed de Iongha
(Rainbow Foundation The Hague, participant Think Tank Sexual Diversity The Hague)

Info / sign up
For registration, questions and further information, please contact:

Rohit Vyas
Networker Sexual Diversity in Bi-Cultural Circles The Hague
COC Haaglanden
Email: networker@cochaaglanden.nl
Mobile no. 06-24187848



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