On January 21, 2021, The Hague City Council adopted the motion “Research into housing forms for queer older people”. In addition, the Executive Board was requested to investigate, together with queer interest groups:

  • in what way there is a need for this form of living;
  • to see what is needed to make this possible
  • to inform the Council thereof.

The Centrum Groepswonen (Centre for Group Living), set up by the Municipality in 2018 (https://www.centrumgroepswonen.nl) after the above-mentioned motion, consulted with Municipal Domain Employee Emancipation/Queer, Bi van Guine, in the context of the Action Program “Queer in The Hague: safe, visible and accepted 2020-2022".

If you are interested in this form of living and want to know more, you can indicate this to a board member or coordinator of COC Haaglanden. Perhaps some interested parties find it too high a threshold to immediately contact Centrum Groepswonen and they find it more pleasant to discuss this subject (first) within COC Haaglanden.

You can also attend an information meeting at Centrum Groepswonen. Through this link www.centrumgroepswonen.nl/inschrijvenformulier.html you can sign up.

Nice example and unique in the Netherlands: https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2021/08/16/elke-lhbter-zou-zich-af-moeten-vragen-hoe-wil-ik-oud-worden-a4054844

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