The road to self-acceptance is a long journey for many gay men. A journey in which you are constantly confronted with the eyes of yourself and the other. This search for your place as a man may lead to unrest and confusion.

Feelings of shame and longing. What do you show about yourself? And what do you prefer to keep hidden in contact with the other? The longing for lust, intimacy and recognition means that we sometimes adapt limitlessly. We are dealing with stereotyping and stigmas. This has an effect on how you make contact with others, which parts of yourself you include and exclude and the extent to which you bond.

In this men's group you learn to look at your own beliefs with different, milder eyes. This creates space for deepening the relationship with yourself and others. On the basis of stories and exercises, you investigate various themes surrounding your manhood. You do this under the guidance of René Luisman, a professional coach.

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