March 12 2020

COC Haaglanden has decided to suspend its activities with immediate effect until May 20, 2020 due to the corona virus. Many people who are considered vulnerable by the RIVM come to COC Haaglanden and we do not want any risk in this. In concrete terms, this means that all planned activities, such as the COC Café, Transcafé, Philautia, Jong&Out, Autiroze, Heksenketel, Vox Rosa, the Daily Specials, HIV Lunch, Orpheus, Zilveruitjes, information, GSA, et cetera do not continue. This applies to both COC Haaglanden's own activities and LGBTI associations that use our building.    

The Social work remains just carry on. The social impact of stopping this is too great.

We are aware that this is an intensive measure and has an impact on our LGBTI community. If people experience this, for example due to loneliness or of a completely different nature, do not hesitate to contact our social work via or via 070 3 6 44 888. Tika Stardust, one of our social workers, can be reached directly via or on telephone number 06 2198 5017. If necessary, leave a telephone number where we can reach you.

When we receive indications from the RIVM that other and/or additional measures need to be taken, we will inform everyone of this. For more information contact us at

On behalf of the Board,

Peter-Paul Wiegmans
Secretary COC Haaglanden

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