Are you gay, lesbian, bi or single? Do you want children? Are you looking for a co-parent or a donor, or do you want to be a donor (with a role in the child's life)? Then come to the children's desire speed date of the Meer dan Gewenst foundation on 20 March. You can sign up from all over the country for the donor construction. For co-parenting we focus on North Holland, Utrecht and South Holland. You will have 5 to 10 conversations with other prospective parents that evening.

'Speed' stands for short conversations, and quickly decide whether you are going to exchange email addresses. Then you naturally proceed very 'slowly', in order to be able to make the right choice.

The speed date will take place on Sunday afternoon 20 March 2016 in Amsterdam (14:00-17:00), the exact location will be announced to the participants by email. Participation costs 15,00 euros (plus 1,50 euros reservation costs). With this amount you support More than Desired. date-20-03-2016 /

Would you rather get in touch with other prospective parents in a different way? Then place an appeal on the More than Desired website.
The next speed date is in November.

Four babies have already been born from previous speed dates, two babies on the way and several matches have arisen!

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