Have you ever been looking for a nice lesbian movie, a nice book with a lesbian main character or maybe an erotic accessory that is also attractive to lesbian women? Then you must have discovered that they are not always easy to find, among all the mainstream products in the large megastores on the internet. That could be easier and clearer, thought La-Vita.nl, the informative web magazine for lesbian women for many years.

And so there is now the La-Vita Lesbian Lifestyle Shop. With the most beautiful lesbian books and e-books: Hot water fear from Kirsten Kamphuis for example, or subcutaneous by Suzanne Gerding, winner of the La-Vita Publishing Debut Prize. With a collection of beautiful, stylish and playful erotic articles from renowned brands such as Lelo and Fun Factory, and the latest and best lesbian DVDs (such as the recently released film Kiss Me). In addition, you will also find unique, affordable e-book bundles in the shop. The clearly arranged shop offers a wide choice from a carefully selected range, especially for lesbian women.

La-Vita takes a slightly different approach than the average webshop. The women of La-Vita know what they're selling: they know the DVDs, the books and the erotic accessories. La-Vita offers more than just factual information about the products. Think, for example, of reviews, or of interviews with the makers and experts. As a customer you always know what you are buying. And if you still have questions, you can call or email La-Vita's customer service for expert advice.
From button to book and from strap-on to comic strip: you will find it on La-Vita.nl.


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