There's a new volunteer at the zilveruitjes, Kees Hilberding. Together with Kees, Jan de zilveruitjes make it even more fun! The meetings are for everyone, gay, lesbian, trans, bi. It is a meeting for the elderly and everyone who feels at home among the elderly.

The program for the rest of the year is as follows:

Op November 20 is there a regular meeting. Kees and I will be there to give you a great afternoon. Henk-Jan and René take care of the bar.

Op December 4 Sinterklaas tries to come by. Our hearts beat with anticipation. Will he bring presents again this year? We'll make it a nice Sinterklaas party.

Op December 18 is there a restaurant night. This evening is all about Christmas. The entire ground floor will be transformed into a Christmas-themed restaurant.

The COC restaurant is open from 17.00:22.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM. You can book at any time, specifying the number of people. Feel free to come and have a nice evening with your friends or acquaintances.

If you are alone, we will put together a cozy table with nice people. We provide service, an extra cook and extra bar staff. Each table is set and served. If all tables are full, you can have a drink at the bar. There is a maximum of 50 people. The costs for this Christmas menu are € 15,00 pp excluding drinks. 

You are supposed to book in advance. 

Op December 23 there is also a Christmas celebration with food within the COC, where everyone is welcome. So if it doesn't work out on the 18th, you can also join there, I think it would be very nice and good to realize the connection with other groups in this way.

Information: Jan de Graaf (coordinator Zilveruitjes) 06-51099835

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