Monday 24 October, 14.00-15.30, presenting knowledge institute Movie and the Dutch Asexuality Organization (NOA) in an online meeting the new guideline '10x questions and answers about asexuality'. This event falls within Ace Week, an annual international campaign by, for and by the asexual community. Anyone who wants to know more about this underexposed group is welcome. There will also be room to ask questions.

You can register via: Launch guideline 10x question and answer about asexuality | Movie

No driver's license for asexual Russians

Did you know that asexual persons in Russia cannot officially get a driver's license? And that asexuality in mental health care is sometimes still treated as a mental illness? These are some facts from the guide '10 questions and answers about asexuality' that we will be discussing on October 24.

Furthermore, the definition of asexuality is discussed, as well as the relative invisibility of asexual people, and we look at whether asexual people are sufficiently protected by the law. We also provide tips for social professionals, municipalities and politicians.

Who is who?
De Dutch Asexuality Organization (NOA) is an interest group for the asexual community in the Netherlands. This organization was founded in 2019 with the aim of raising awareness of asexuality, removing prejudice, being a point of contact for the asexual community, and working on destigmatization and visibility of asexuality. In addition, the NOA strives for inclusiveness within the LGBTIA+ community.

Movie is the national knowledge institute for a coherent approach to social issues. Together with practice, the organization develops knowledge about what really works well and applies that knowledge. Movisie supports, advises and collaborates with social organisations, governments, socially involved companies and citizens' initiatives.

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