Roze Soos Samen is a monthly social event in the Copernicus Service Center in Segbroek for older gays and lesbians and all their friends. There is fun, performances by volunteers, nice music and good conversation. De Soos has been a household name in The Hague for years. Frank is one of the driving forces behind Soos Samen and is, among other things, active as a bartender and board member of the service center. He tells us about his life that was not always like a pink cloud.
Riyaz is a social commentator and has his own YouTube channel: Riyaz LUVZ. He is queer and is happy to help explain what that means. Riyaz is coordinator of The Hang Out 070 and active within Queer The Hague. He is a volunteer at and a visitor to Queerfeesten. As a 25-year-old he already has five lives on it, he says himself. He gives us a glimpse into his life and the queer community.

WHEN: Sunday afternoon, February 16
TIME: 15:00 walk-in with coffee and tea, end 17.15 with soup
WHERE: Copernicus Service Center, Daguerrestraat 16
ENTRANCE: Voluntary contribution afterwards.

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