On Saturday 8 June 2019, a procession will walk from the International Gay Monument on the Malieveld (Koekamp) to the location of the The Hague Pride Festival, to draw attention to sexual diversity and LGBTI acceptance.

The Walk celebrates sexual and gender diversity and shows that everyone in The Hague should be able to be themselves.
We want to represent everyone from young to old, from native residents of The Hague to LGBTI refugees, from gay to transgender and asexuals.

With the The Hague Pride Walk, the LGBTI community wants to increase the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in society. LGBTI stands for Lesbian Women, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Intersex.

This year the The Hague Pride Walk is organized by COC Haaglanden and other LGBTI organizations including The Hague Pride Festival.

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