The Rainbowcafé is the place for LGBTIQ+ by LGBTIQ+ in Zoetermeer. The place where you can be yourself and meet like-minded people. Everyone is welcome, in addition to meeting people, there is always a fun activity during the Rainbow café. 

At the initiative of the Library Forum Zoetermeer, COC Haaglanden and the LGBTIQ+ steering committee has created its own place for the LGBTIQ+ community. Young and old; Everybody is welcome. While enjoying a nice drink and a snack in a casual atmosphere. Chilling together in the Rainbowcafé with fun activities devised by LGBTIQ+ for LGBTIQ+.

The main thing is that you can have contact with people who have (more) common ground with you, who understand you and with whom you may feel at home. That is why we would like to invite you, without obligation of course, to visit the Rainbowcafé. Feel free to bring someone with you. Everybody is welcome. You can be who you are in the Rainbowcafé.


On Friday 30 September we organize a movie night and on Friday 28 October there is a theme evening.

Are you coming over?

You can walk in from 19.00:19.30, the program is from 21.30:20.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX. Reservation is not necessary. You can find us in the new Café Max. (NOTE! The door closes at XNUMX, so make sure you get in on time, you can always go out). 

Want to know more?

Read more about it Rainbow Cafe.

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