Thank you Amigoe Nieuws for publishing an article about the latest exhibition 'Heroes' by IHLIA LGBT Heritage!

Quite honestly, I never thought for a moment that this news could possibly reach mi dushi isla Curaçao. Our message is often much more powerful than we think. This just goes to show that if your goals are aligned with good intentions, they serve the greater good.

I hope that through our candid personal stories in which struggle, faith, hope and combativeness are central, we can reach and touch as many people as possible in a positive way.

In Curaçao, Pink House in Otrobanda, FOKO, Ocan . Foundation and other activists are the frontrunners for equal rights and social acceptance of LGBTQI people. Because as long as our LGBTQI community in Curaçao is not free to love, we are not free in the Netherlands either! After all, we are all connected.

So let's not just 'connect' with 'usual suspects', the ones we are already connected to. If we are all willing to get off our own comfortable island, on our way to the (un)known other. For example, we are not building bridges over gorges through which rivers flow, but bridges over entire seas.

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