February 13 2018 - Eight parties in the Hague city council concluded a Pink Ballot Box Agreement yesterday. In it, the parties promise to commit themselves to LGBTI people. The agreement was concluded with the cooperation of COC Haaglanden, which is organizing a Pink Council debate on 15 March in The Hague. There the parties sign the ballot box agreement.

The ballot box agreement was concluded by CDA, D66, GroenLinks, Haagse Stadspartij, PvdA, Party for the Animals, SP and VVD. The aim of the eight parties is 'a city in which it is a natural right that you can be who you are'.

The eight parties pledge to commit themselves to:

  • better registration of anti-LGBTI violence
  • better education about sexual and gender diversity in schools
  • special attention to refugees
  • meeting places for bi-cultural young people

Arnout van Kooij, chairman of COC Haaglanden, is 'proud' of the ballot box agreement. Van Kooij assumes that the rights of LGBTI people will therefore remain high on the city council's agenda.

The Pink Ballot Box Agreement will be signed on 15 March during the COC's Pink Council debate. For more information about this debate and the other pink debates in the Haaglanden region – check Facebook events.

For more information about the upcoming municipal elections – check COC's LGBTI electoral guide Rainbowvote.NOW.

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