Can you keep an overview like no other? Do you enjoy figuring things out and creating order and structure? COC Haaglanden is looking for a new secretary! As secretary you have a central position in the association, because without structure and overview the ship is rudderless. You like to be informed about many things and work easily with a variety of people. You are the first point of contact for members and employees and help you think and decide on the direction of the association. Does this sound like your challenge? Then read on!


– Writing the board and membership meetings;

– Drawing up the agenda and minutes of these meetings and monitoring the implementation

action points;

– Handling incoming mail and e-mail in collaboration with the administrative assistant;

– Managing our four paid employees together with other board members;

– Participate in the process of drawing up the multi-year policy plan and management plan

 in collaboration with the other board members;

– Relationship management, including maintaining the volunteer database and membership administration;

– Monitoring decisions of the board and actions taken by the association

activities do not conflict with the articles of association and the internal regulations;

– Maintaining the administration and archive of the association.

Position in the organization:

Together with the chairman and treasurer, the secretary forms the daily management of the association. Although certain executive duties may be delegated to other enthusiasts within the club, the secretary remains ultimately responsible for statutory and administrative matters.

In this position, the secretary is the first point of contact for members, volunteers and employees. It is therefore important that the secretary is able to communicate smoothly and effectively at different levels.


The ideal secretary

· Belongs to the target groups of the COC and is a member of the association or willing to become one;

· Recognizes the vision, mission and objectives of the association;

· Preferably has experience in a similar position or relevant professional experience;

· Has good interpersonal and communication skills;

· Is enthusiastic, collegial and collaborative;

· Has good administrative and organizational skills;

· Is accurate and honest.

Time investment, expenses and other details:

This management position takes approximately 6-8 hours per week (indicative). You can manage the time yourself. As a secretary you are available for the necessary meetings and consultations. The board meets every other week on Wednesday. The secretary is elected into office by the General Members' Meeting for a period of 2 years. The position is unpaid. Travel and expenses are reimbursed according to the association's expense scheme.

As a volunteer at the COC, a Certificate of Good Conduct is a requirement. 

How to apply: How do you start this adventure? Send your motivation by email to From the responses received, we make a selection of candidates with whom we will conduct an intake interview.

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