The next meeting of Divers Den Haag will take place on 16 February from 12.30 to 16.30 in the wedding room in the town hall on the Spui. As always, we start with lunch. This time the title of the meeting is; “Sexual diversity within cultural diversity: or how to start the difficult conversation”. A theme that plays in organizations and in all kinds of workplaces in the city. The speakers are Rohit Vyas and Soerin Narain. Rohit supports and connects bi-cultural organizations in The Hague to discuss the topic of sexual diversity. Soerin is director of Hindustani, an organization that has been working on this subject for 10 years and recently winner of the John Blankenstein Prize 2015. This meeting is not only about information about the subject, but it is mainly about the conversation among themselves. Preferably with those who do not naturally encounter each other. Perhaps that difficult conversation, where opinions and opinions clash, but where people do talk to each other to look for possible solutions. We hope you'll want to have that conversation with others in town.

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