Theater maker and actor Fahd Larhzaoui made his breakthrough in 2014 with his solo Schijn, about a man who leads a double life. Where Schijn was a coming of age, successor Shirt from Fahd! a facing the facts, in which Fahd gives an insight into the gay scene with his parties and experiments with drugs.

It feels good to be at a party where no one has an opinion about him, giving him a total sense of freedom. But above an escape from reality, Fahd hopes to find something he had lost: love, an identity and a new family, after his own family turned their backs on him after coming out. Contrary to what the irrepressible fear of missing out in the nightlife scene suggests, Fahd is mainly looking for that one person who can make the pain, anger, shame and disillusionment disappear.

Fahd is currently back in theaters with a new solo titled Shirt from Fahd. The solo can be seen on Wednesday 3 April from
20:30 to 22:00 in Stadstheater Zoetermeer.

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