Queer stories from your own city are discussed in this podcast by Diana Comijs. This time Karin Blankenstein, who talks about the work she does for the John Blankenstein Foundation to discuss LGBT+ rights in sport.

You can only perform well in a team if you can be yourself one hundred percent. And so you can say who you love.

The John Blankenstein Foundation is committed to a safe sports climate for all LGBTI+ athletes in all forms of sport. Karin Blankenstein explains why she founded the foundation after the death in 2006 of her brother John Blankenstein, who was one of the first openly gay referees in professional football. “I knew about John's struggle, who before his death said: I want to do something with this. ”You must be able to say it. The moment you feel the need to say: I am who I am, well, okay. Great, and we'll continue.”

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