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The Introduction Group
and social The Hague, yours to discover!

Student in The Hague and looking for new people? Join our unique introduction to the LGBT+ community in The Hague!

Every year we organize a new introductory group! You meet weekly with a group of other LGBT+ people to get to know each other and the city better.

The full program is always a surprise, but we can guarantee that it will cover a wide variety of experiences, locations and interests! From coming-out stories to parties, friends for life are made here.


For only 26,50 per year you become a member of Philautia and the COC and participate in the introductory group!


Philautia is the Greek concept of 'loving yourself.' Love for others only begins when you love yourself completely.

 The word begins with 'Philia', the Greek word for love. This word also includes the bond between friends, family, partners and community. It thus describes both self-acceptance and the importance of community and friends.


Your questions, our answers

Some questions are more common than others, so we have listed a few answers here. Is yours not among them? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Is there a hazing?

No! We don't do hazing! Instead, we have an introduction group to get to know each other and the city in a safe, fun and varied way.

Can I register if I am not (any longer) studying?

Yes! Philautia is open to all people from 18 to 26 years old.

What language is spoken at the association?

Where possible, we try to offer our activities in both English and Dutch. At drinks parties, for example, both English- and Dutch-speaking visitors are present to chat. Where that is not possible, we speak English, in order to reach as many people as possible.

As a member, am I obliged to attend events or drinks?

No, of course we would love to see you come by but as a member you are not obliged to do anything 🙂

I don't identify as queer, am I welcome?

Sure! We do our best to represent and accommodate as many of the LGBTQIA as possible. In addition, heterosexuals are also welcome for a party, meeting or just to make more LGBT+ friends.

Philautia was founded in 2018 to make student life in The Hague more rainbow-colored!

HGSV Philautia

The Hague Gay Student Association Philautia is the first LGBTQ+ student association in The Hague. At HGSV Philautia we combine meeting new LGBTQ+ people and discovering The Hague with drinks and spectacular parties. We also organize fun outings, dinners and social events, all low-key and relaxed. Every month we organize a variety of activities for our members (and not-yet-members.)

Creation of RataPlan

Philautia was conceived on the long way back from an evening LGBT+ night out in Delft. “Why is there no LGBT+ student association in The Hague?” founders Jarl Pols and Timo van der Kraan wondered. In the next 45 minutes of cycling the answer to that question was filled in and the foundation stones were laid for our student association now. Philautia is the answer to a long-felt need for a relaxed, widely accessible way for LGBT+ young people to meet like-minded people outside the existing options of nightlife and apps. The Hague Gay Student Association Philautia was set up to offer even more opportunities for LGBT+ young people to give substance to their identity in a diverse way and to find it easier to connect with the community.

Become a member!

There are many good reasons to join the queer student association of The Hague!


We don't do hazing! Instead, we have an introductory group to get to know each other and the city in a safe, fun and varied way! Spread over 8 weeks you will get to know each other at various weekly events.

From coming-out stories to parties, this is where friends are made for life.


As a member of HGSV Philautia you get a 10% discount on all drinks in the COC on presentation of your COC membership and membership discounts of 25% to even 100% at various Philautia events! In addition, you immediately become a free member of the COC and thus support the LGBT+ community throughout the Netherlands!


Do I have to be a student?
No, Philautia is open to everyone!

What language do we speak?
Both Dutch and English.

Are there obligations?
Nope, but you're always welcome


Philautia members (under 26)* pay only €26,50 for a whole year!