On May 4, general board member Anna Heerdink spoke on behalf of COC Haaglanden during the commemoration at the International Gay Monument in The Hague, where she drew attention to queer resistance hero Frieda Belinfante. Jean-Bernard Maweja of the Hague Queermind Foundation spoke about Willem Arondéus.

The resistance duo Willem and Frieda forged identity cards during the Second World War, saving countless Jewish lives. When the Nazis started checking the fake IDs against real files, they came up with a very daring and life-threatening plan: a bomb attack on the Population Register in Amsterdam. Highly recommended is the beautiful documentary, co-made by Stephen Fry, which can be viewed on 2doc (NPO Plus): Willem and Frieda.

Sander van der Eijk of the International Gay Monument Foundation says: “We hope to contribute to increasing attention for our pink resistance heroes. We connect their struggle against oppression at the time to the current international situation of human rights fighters who are committed to combating discrimination and oppression and for acceptance of sexual and gender diversity worldwide.” 

Just like women from the resistance, relatively little is known about pink resistance fighters. Among other things, they stood up for their Jewish compatriots who were in great danger of being deported and killed during the occupation. Although the persecution of homosexuals did not seem to be a priority in the Netherlands during the occupation, the Nazi regime was strongly opposed to homosexuality and many had to hide their orientation.

A recording of the commemoration can be viewed via this link: Commemoration of the Homomonument in The Hague

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